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Securing finance doesn’t need to be a complex ordeal. We are a finance brokerage service, for every day Australians passionate about educating people on building wealth and paying their mortgage faster. No guesswork, no hassle, just transparent, personalised solutions, offering clarity and control to get you and your finances ahead.

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We provide the best personal lending solutions for you. Whether it’s your first loan application, refinancing to buying any investment property we’ll help you on your journey.



We offer flexible and compelling loan options to make your commercial investment a reality. We provide flexible solution for you and your situation wherever you are in your business journey.

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Our track record doesn’t lie! We are trusted and have a close relationship with over 50+ lenders in our network. We don’t believe in surprises. We offer transparent, accurate and fair lending solutions from our years of experience and knowledge in a forever growing, evolving financial and brokerage space to identify the optimum product for you.
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OUR SPECIALIST Mortgage and finance brokers

Comprehensive advice & personalised
solutions for you and your needs

Clem Kian

Mentoring the finance world of tomorrow

Clem Kian

Years of experience

From his 25 years’ extensive knowledge and experience, Clem has carved out a highly respected reputation within the industry.
Results-focused, Clem has helped many Australians achieve their financial goals in a friendly, professional, and seamless manner. As an industry mentor that enjoys giving back to the community by mentoring new-to-industry finance brokers, he has paved his way in the industry and received outstanding recognition with many industry awards throughout his career.
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Benjamin Younan

Passionate about educating others

Benjamin Younan

Years of experience

Ben’s ongoing commitment, drive, and knowledge in Mortgage Broking & Finance Services has not gone unnoticed.
He’s received industry recognition and many awards including Domain Broker of the Year 2019 and Commonwealth Bank Elite Broker 2021. Ben realised from an early age there was gap in the industry when it came to educating clients on becoming debt free. With this goal in mind, he’s dedicated to helping clients build their wealth through investment and develop a genuine understanding towards their finance.
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Celine Basheer

Broker support


Years of experience

Celine has extensive experience in the financial sector and brings a wealth of expertise to her role.
Her dedication and outstanding time management abilities have contributed to the success of several applications. A driven team member, Celine’s enthusiasm for the sector is evident in her day-to-day work at Finselect Group.
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OUR SPECIALIST Mortgage and finance brokers

Comprehensive advice & personalised
solutions for you and your needs

Whatever the Need or circurmstance, we provide.

Our extensive, complete range of
solutions to suit every need.

Whether you’re looking for a personal loan, commercial property loan, business support or refinancing we have a solution for you. Any circumstances, any request, any situation we offer personalised advice and will find you what you need. Don’t risk your future. Work with the best and take control of your financial journey.


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We do the leg-work for you by simplifying
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We offer quick, reliable, flexible solutions catered to your financial journey. Trust us to find all the products and services available and accessible to you. We go the extra mile so you can focus on what is important to you- growing your finances and achieving your financial goals.


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We research all options and offer a bespoke, lending solution with our approved lenders


We provide an optimal bespoke, solution tailored to you to satisfy your needs and situation

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We strive to deliver the best service, value and innovations to get you the best outcome to achieve your financial goal one meeting at a time. From start to finish we listen to your needs and offer a personalised touch.

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We search the market inside and out to find the best outcome for you. Our trusted expert Mortgage and Finance Brokers will you keep you in the loop throughout. Giving you clarity and control.

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Get trusted advice when you need it and how you need it, making the lending process as quick and painless as possible.

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Sick of chat bots? Get real straightforward advice, from real people. No guesswork, no reading-between-the-lines. We help you get what you need to get ahead.
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We are proud of the relationship we have fostered over the years. Personal loans, small business, large business or corporation we have helped them all. We understand it is not one size fits all. We take the time to listen to your goals to find the best solution for you.

We are passionate about growth. We leverage strong relationship and network of 50+ providers, our experience, our knowledge and our customer feedback to grow with our clients.

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We are passionate about supporting our clients to grow. We value our relationships and close connections.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Finance and mortgage broking is the role of a financial or mortgage broker that assists individuals to apply for financial and/or mortgage financing, purchasing of financial products and facilitates with all financial needs by sourcing all bank loans, financial products, interest rates and financial service providers.

A mortgage broker or financial broker works as an intermediary go-between for banks and those wishing for financial assistance, financial products and financial services to help guide a lender towards the best loan or product available that best matches their criteria, wants, needs and circumstances. A mortgage or financial broker often has a portfolio of financial service providers with products and services for their clients. A mortgage broker has relevant experience, knowledge, and expertise of the residential loan market to understand the best, most suitable loan from their array of lenders. Using a mortgage broker can often cut out the headache and cut down the complex, time-consuming process of trying to navigate the wide array of financial providers and services they provide, which can help save you money in the long term.

It is better to work with a mortgage broker than go directly to the bank. A mortgage broker works for you, they have your best interest in mind and seek for the best outcome for you, you may not always find the same situation with banks. A mortgage broker can:

  • Help you know what further evidence is required for anyone accessing your credit or information and communicate with credit officers to help speed up you application. Whereas, banks often do not provide a similar service, and therefore you may need to approach the further council.
  • Liaise with solicitors, valuers, real estate agents and builders for a smoother application process. Whereas, banks do not liaise with third parties, or regularly do not and therefore the application process can take longer and end up costing you time and money.
  • Help be your point of information and reference, as they are the one set point across all contacts throughout the entire process, updating you through each application stage so you feel in control and listened to. Banks work for themselves, it is as simple as that, they are generally not your one point of contact throughout the process and will not liaise with third parties, therefore you are responsible to ensure all third parties are up to date with relevant information. A mortgage broker is often quicker, saves you money and understands what you need throughout all the mortgage, asset buying and financial application process.

People use mortgage brokers as they work for you, making the buying, financial investment and purchasing of assets much simpler, and quicker and saving you money in the long run.
A mortgage broker is your point of knowledge, information and reference throughout the process, and an experienced mortgage broker will have years of experience, education, and qualifications within the financial industry.
A mortgage broker works for you and has a wealth of sources to find you the best service, product and/or bank with their trusted providers, often whom they have worked with for years.
A great Mortgage broker will get to know you and using a mortgage broker is a much more personal process where you feel listened to, understood and provided for.
A mortgage broker offers impartial advice as they do not work for the banks and work for you alone, therefore they work in your best interests to find and create a personalised buying journey with you in mind, for you in mind.
People use mortgage brokers because they can often find products and services banks cannot, saving you thousands with their exclusive access to products, rates and interest from banks and non-bank lenders, not found online or through a Google search.

We decide which loan is best suited to your personal situation by checking what schemes or grants you are eligible to and what your loan repayments will be, to see if it is feasible and if you are comfortable with the repayment amount. We will collect and consider all your details, your wants and needs and choose the best loan that will achieve the best outcome for you and/or your business.

You need to know what questions to ask before seeing, approaching and choosing the right mortgage broker for you.
“How much can I borrow to buy a home?” is the first question almost always asked. Sure, the question is important, but we recommend you ask questions about your mortgage broker before ‘getting into bed’ with them.
Three questions to ask your mortgage broker about their services are:
1. Are you a licensed mortgage or financial broker?
2. How many bank lenders or non-bank providers do you deal with?
3. How do you decide which loan is best suited to my personal situation?
After asking these very important questions, and wishing to proceed with the mortgage or financial broker, then you can ask these questions regarding what is required to get your mortgage or financial application started:
• How much can I borrow to buy a home? (For Mortgage) What is my borrowing power? (For any other financial loan)
• How much money or deposit do I need to put down?
• What schemes or grants am I eligible for? (First Home Buyers)
• What will my mortgage or financial borrowing costs be?
• What type of mortgage or financial interest rate is best for me?
• What are the comparison rates for the home loans or financial loans?
• When can I lock in the interest rate?
• Is the loan the best one you recommend?

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